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Mobile applications are integral to people’s lives and, as a consequence, have a direct influence on companies. The bar has been set quite high for all mobile applications on the market. According to a poll conducted by Statista, there will be around seven billion mobile users globally by the end of 2021. This exponential surge in mobile app adoption may be ascribed to the growing popularity of hybrid or cross-platform applications over native applications.

Since 2015, React Native has steadily gained popularity and established itself as a leading alternative in the cross-platform mobile application industry, as it saves between 40% and 90% of the time required to create cross-platform mobile applications.

Developing and maintaining an effective app is a time-consuming process that demands a substantial commitment of effort and money. Improvements, frequent updates, and bug fixes are crucial for an app’s long-term success.

Any mobile application should be rigorously tested. Factors like as loading delays, crashes, and difficult input fields all contribute to a bad user experience, which might jeopardize market success.

Bugs result in negative user experiences, which eventually result in economic losses. One strategy for avoiding fragile programming is to extensively test your code before releasing it into the open.


New ebook: Testing React Native Apps

This ebook acts as a getting-started primer on the world of testing for apps built using the React Native framework. The topics in this ebook cover a wide variety of fundamental concepts and how-tos.

From that ebook you’ll find everything you need to know about testing React Native Apps. Including real code examples that you can utilize!😉

Here are some of the topics that are covered in the ebook:

  • Testing custom views and components in React Native
  • React Native testing using Appium
  • React Native testing using Calabash
  • React Native testing using Espresso
  • React Native testing using XCTest for iOS
  • How to run React Native Detox tests on Codemagic
  • Testing React Native apps with Linux instances on Codemagic
  • Testing React Native apps with Jest and Codemagic
  • Testing local databases for React Native
  • Testing API calls in React Native


Where can I get it?

Feel free to download the free ebook from here. You might find a faster way🚀 of doing something, or even learn something new 🤓.

Happy exploration!